IB Chemistry 1

The International Baccalaureate Chemistry course is a two-year class taken in the junior and senior year as a Standard Level (SL) or as a Higher Level (HL) course. IB Chemistry 1 is the first of the two years. It is designed to expand on basic knowledge of chemistry and prepare the student for further study of pure and applied sciences in higher education. It will also help the student to develop the ability to critically analyze scientific literature and to develop manipulative and experimental skills necessary to perform college level scientific investigations. Topics include Stoichiometry, Atomic Theory, Chemical Bonding, States of Matter, Carbon Chemistry and the Periodic Table. An IB exam is taken at the end of IB Chemistry 2. Students designate which exam they plan to take, SL or HL. Students will be prepared for both exams, as well as the AP Chemistry exam. The IB Internal Assessment for this course includes formal lab reports and participation in the IB Group 4 Project. Summer assignments may be required.