Embedded Health

Embedded Health, offered at East Ridge High School and Woodbury High School, is a uniquely designed course where students receive four years of comprehensive instruction in the areas of Health and Wellness starting in 9th grade. The course material address, time sensitive topics and provide essential health resources and up-to-date information. Students will have access to a grade level district Moodle site to complete online assignments and review resources on each lesson. Topics covered are age appropriate and topics are designed around critical periods of changes that occur. Students do not need to register for this course.

Example topics by grade level:
• Gr. 9: Mental, Social and Emotional Development/Wellness
• Gr. 10: Chemical Health and Nutrition
• Gr. 11: Nutrition and Sexuality
• Gr. 12: Chemical Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Sexuality/ relationships

Access the embedded health handbook on our Health/Physical education homepage. Students will earn a pass/fail grade for embedded health. With a passing grade, students earn .25 credits towards the required 1 high school Health Education. After four years of participating in this program, students will have gained the required (1) credit towards graduation.