International Baccalaureate (IB) at Park High School

IB combines the strengths of a liberal arts curriculum with several important additional features. The components are coursework in six academic areas: English, World Language, History, Science, Mathematics, Arts and electives. Examinations in these areas are offered in May of each year. Successful examinations can lead to advanced college placement and/or college credits, depending on the individual college’s policy. Students are encouraged to research potential college choices for their IB acceptance policy.

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Available At: Park High School

This is a three-trimester course, two during year 1 and one during year 2. All three are compulsory for IB Diploma Candidates. The purpose, from the IB perspective, is for this course to compliment all elements of the students’ curriculum. The Theory of Knowledge course increases the depth of understanding that all academic areas are influenced by personal and international perceptions of knowledge and knowledge issues. Additionally, students will receive academic support for the Extended Essay and CAS. Students enrolled in these courses must be Diploma Candidates or enrolled in two additional IB courses. All students will complete an Extended Essay during year 1.