Survive and Return: Summer Academy

This course is offered in August at Woodbury High School as part of theirsummer school offerings but is open to all students in the district. It is taught jointly by JROTC instructors from Woodbury and Park with input from various military survival experts and instructors. It contains a review of the basic survival information found in military Survival Training courses with extensive practical hands on instruction. The instruction provides training in skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to successfully perform fundamental survival tasks. Sample topics include survival medicine, finding food and water, clothing, building a personal survival kit, signaling, making fire and emergency shelter. Students will learn the necessities for maintaining life in a survival situation, as well as how to travel and prepare for recovery. We will conclude this class with an overnight outdoor survival camp where the students will practice their survival skills in a safe outdoor environment for 2 nights (a sleeping bag and access to a tent is recommended). The class is taught by the Aerospace Science Department. Additional emphasis is placed on leadership, personal development skills and fitness.