Life Skills: ACT Prep

Life Skills and Career Opportunities is a course to help students prepare for life after high school. However, this one trimester course is blended from multiple sources to help students prepare for collage and their entrance exams, specifically the ACT (American College Testing). The ACT is the standard test for measuring high school achievement and college admissions in the United States. High scores help ensure acceptance into the college of your choice and are required for many scholarship applications. The ACT is widely used in the Midwest and Southern United States, while the SAT is more popular on the East and West coasts. This class will focus on improving student performance on the ACT including the essay portion which is required by many colleges and universities. It will also be useful for those planning to take the SAT. It is derived from the Life Skills and Career Opportunity JROTC course. As a JROTC course, it will contain traditional elements of aviation science, current events, personal wellness and fitness. However, all elements of the course will focus on reviewing critical skills and support the development of your study, testing and writing skills with the goal of improving your ACT score. Each student will take a pre and post test to confirm improvement.