A Journey Into Aviation History

This course covers aviation history and the development of flight throughout the centuries. Additionally, we review the role of military aviation throughout U.S. history.

ARS005: We start with the development of flight from ancient legends to the early days of flight. We study pioneers of flight who contributed to the later successes in the aviation field. We will discuss airpower up to and including World War II. Topics include the first successful flight of the Wright Brothers, air power in WW I, barnstormers and their contributions, and the development of commercial flight.

ARS006: Air Force, and Air Power in WW II will be studied. We will continue to study the growth of commercial flight and how aircraft developed from the propeller era through the jet era. We look at the transformation of a modern Air Force through the Korean, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf Wars and beyond.

ARS007: We will review the history of astronomical and space exploration to include the solar system and an introduction to early astronomers. We will also explore the development of the space program and the future of air and space power.