Exploration of Space

In this course, students learn about astronomy and the exploration of space. We will get an in-depth study of the solar system including the moon, the planets, deep space, the latest advances in space technology and continuing challenges of space. We will look at manned spaceflight including issues that are critical to travel in the upper atmosphere as well as milestones in the exploration of space.

ARS008: We will investigate the vastness of the galaxy and the universe as understood during the age of Prehistoric and Classical Astronomy through to Modern Astronomy. We study the Solar System’s structure which encompasses the sun, terrestrial planets and the outer planets, and continue into Deep Space including the Milky Way Galaxy and what lies beyond.

ARS009: We will investigate the challenges of exploring space and review the history and accomplishments of past and current space projects.

ARS010: We will finish by focusing on space technology including the evolution of rocket technology and robotics. Current and future commercial uses of space are also investigated.